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OPELCO, Inc. releases new product Maxicam4000
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Intensified Digital High Definition CCD Camera

The Maxicam4000 is a fully computer controlled all-digital gated Intensified CCD Camera. The Maxicam4000 contains a GEN III Image Intensifier.  The camera features a 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) HDTV 16:9 optical format.  Alternatively, a 1600x1200 version is also available.  The camera is compatible with any C-Mount lens made for a 1" TV Format.

The GEN III Image Intensifier has been selected to give the highest response of any image intensifier in the Visible to Near IR spectrum. This intensifier can achieve over 35% quantum efficiency and a light gain of 80,000. Other Photocathode options are available for higher QE, Extended Blue and Pinnacle performance. A UV version is available with response from 200nm to 700nm. 

The Maxicam4000 comes complete with a frame grabber, power supply and software packages ready to operate.  

920 x 1080 16:9 Optical Format 
Gen III Image Intensifier
Photocathode: up to 50%  Quantum Efficiency
12-bit Digital
Complete Package
Standard 'C' Lens Mount
Progressive Scan
Digital Control of All Camera Functions

33 fps full frame resolution
Brightness (Over-Exposure) Protection
Gating Pulse from 50ns
Adjustable Gate Delay
1" Image Format
Compact Design
<1% Distortion
CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet Camera Interface

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